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The simple way to buy Modafinil for UK customers- one product- Modvigil 200- one awesome service. This vendor primarily serves those wishing to buy modafinil in Canada/buy modafinil in Australia/buy modafinil in Singapore, and the UK as already stated- customers in these countries have been limited in their options until now. sell one product- in contrast with other nootropic sellers who often have 4 brands of smart drug, BUT they sell it well, with 10% off for Bitcoin customers and a decently low price of $1.40 per modvigil 200 pill for bulk orders of 300 or more. Bitcoin customers also jump the line with faster processing of their order.

You may also pay using major credit cards: AMEX, Discover, VISA and Mastercard. ALL orders enjoy free trackable shipping, worldwide. In the event of package loss you will receive a full refund.

This vendor sells primarily to students who want to get more from their study time and offers hints and tips on how to maximise their learning with modafinil. They have the most diverse range of payment options available, so if you have trouble buying elsewhere give them a try- if you are in a country where other sellers can’t reach you, these guys can usually help.

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